Ongoing R&D Projects

Digital Identity Platform

The continuous trust framework to securely verify persons, businesses, and customers’ identities through ID documents, selfies, and third-party databases for cross-channel assurance.

  • NIST FRVT ranked face recognition, gesture recognition, and liveness check with a single photo
  • Global coverage: ID document verification of 190+ countries
  • Available in device-centric, server-centric, and web-based configurations
  • Live assistance for your customers with ID verification checks, watchlists checks, AML checks all from one dashboard

Data-Driven Insight Platform

The fastest deep learning AI framework for developers, data scientists, and no-code users to search, verify and organize millions of images into actionable insights

  • Identify where and when persons, objects, activities, and texts appear in images or videos
  • Fast enough for developers and easy enough for no-code users
  • Build an AI platform with pre-built detectors via hardware-independent way
  • NIST certified, high-quality face detection, recognition, and identification including demographic analysis as gender, emotion, and age recognition