Data-Driven Insight Platform

The fastest deep learning AI framework for developers, data scientists, and no-code users to search, verify and organize millions of images into actionable insights.

Meet the ML framework to make AI understandable and help you to spend less time developing and more time achieving goals and on the budget for your business. Data-Driven Insight Platform is an environment agnostic solution and integrates into the cloud, server-side, or at the edge. It is a commercially proven technology and empowers businesses to leverage AI and machine learning in their most important workflows to get actionable insights.

Let’s Make AI a Core Competency within Your Business, Designed for Plug and Play AI Solutions DDIP analyses days and months of video streams and millions of photos to detect persons, objects, and behaviors of interest for sector-independent use cases. Use AI to turn your business data into knowledge and increase productivity, secure your facility and employees and drive profitable growth. Build an AI platform faster with pre-built detectors via hardware-independent way or train custom models efficiently and integrate applications.

DDIP Core Capabilities

Facial Recognition

NIST certified, high-quality face detection, recognition, and identification including demographic analysis as gender, emotion, and age recognition.

Behaviour Detection

Detect the human body posture to identify the behaviours like "sitting", "running", "fighting".

Object Detection

Real-time object detection, tracking, and classification to recognize objects in digital images and videos. (e.g. daily life objects, security objects, etc.)

License Plate Recognition

Detection and recognition of license plates including partial plates.

Vehicles Detection

Detection, classification and identification of multiple vehicle types (e.g. SUV, bus, truck, etc.)

Multi-Media Analysis

Analyze videos to detect scenes, celebrities, activities, objects, and contents.

Image Tagging and Filtering

Auto-generate metadata from unstructured data for creating searchable tags

Event Analytics

Deep learning image detection is used to trigger an alert or send a message in various use cases.

People Counting

Detect people in images and real-time video streams for crowd counting and footfall analytics.

Motion Heatmap

Create a motion heatmap based on real-time computer vision detection of objects, humans, etc.

Custom Region of Interest (ROI)

Define one or multiple specific areas in a video stream to focus real tasks on the selected regions only.

Hardware Independent

Get the video feed of multiple cameras (IP cameras, webcams, USB cameras, depth sensors) in one platform with parallel computing.

Custom Dashboard and Analytics Builder

Use a complete no-code dashboard builder to get powerful insights.


Add devices rapidly and securely to your platform with a low-code no-code philosophy.

Hybrid Deployments

Cloud, on-premises and edge technologies working together.

How Does DDIP Work?

Comprehensive Data-Driven Insight Platform Experience

Use AI to discover what's in your unstructured data. Identify where and when persons, objects, activities, and texts appear in images or videos.

With computer vision leverage your video and image data to enhance customer experience and create intelligent businesses.

Identify threats, faces, vehicles, activities, and objects on top of live or asynchronous video streams.

Reduce repetitive tasks and enable better collaboration across stakeholders to increase productivity and improve business value.

Use pre-trained detectors to address the most important use cases across industries.

Take the control of your business with count and classify employees, visitors, vehicles, objects, or events to get alerted and improve security.

Automate safety and compliance monitoring to minimize accidents and increase efficiency with your workforce.

Reduce ML infrastructure and initial setup costs. Automatically scales up according to your business needs.

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Designed for Plug & Play AI Solutions

Data-Driven Insight Platform is a tailor-made ML technology fast enough for developers and easy enough for no-code users that enhanced decision support, process automation, and insight generation.