Baby Footprints

Holistic Identity: Unique ID from birth to valid through the entire life via digitally or holdable
Taking a newborn’s footprints within forty-eight hours following birth is a standard adhered to by most hospitals around the world. This is because the footprint, much like fingerprints, is unique to each individual and can be used in identification. The baby footprint is a reliable measure for identification as it does not change after birth. The reason we opt for footprints in babies is that newborns tend to squeeze their hands and forcing infants’ hands open may cause them discomfort. Bring the practice of newborn printing up to a contemporary level and speed with Papilon LiveScanner Technology to avoid the discomfort of babies.

For registration, LS FB– Livescanner Footprint for Babies takes the scan of the baby’s whole foot. In alternative applications, prints of soles or toes can be taken separately.

The system gives feedback on the quality of the scan and prompts the operator to repeat the scanning until the perfect print is taken. This quality control step is essential as infants tend to move their legs and arms and can be frustrated if held in the same position.

The operator can add additional demographic and descriptive information via HOLISTIKA LS Application such as the mother and the baby’s names, dates of birth, baby’s weight, length, sex, hair, and eye color.

The system runs both 1:1 verification or direct match inquiries and 1:N identification inquiries via HOLISTIKA. The 1:1 verification inquiry can be useful before delivering medication and ensures that the staff gives the right medicine in the right amount to the right baby.

Reduce cost

Compared to the cost of paper, photocopy, maintenance of physical archives, and digitization of hard copy documents, we prove to be a cost-friendly and low maintenance solution.

Modular and Seamless Integration

Provide robust, easy-adaptable multi-biometric solutions to tailored specific use cases with unlimited architecture, database, and features.

Enable comfort for babies

Avoiding the risk of alteration, ink-printing the baby’s foot prevented many accidents and tragedies.

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