What does "PAPILON" stand for?

The term “papil” means protruding. This can occur in various parts of the body. Each of the sets is arranged parallel to each other at 0.2-0.5 mm intervals on the inner part of the fingers, palm, or sole surface of the feet. Papilla scars developing in the hands and feet develop before birth. These figures are partially genetically determined. These become shapes that we know as fingerprints. Our emblem resembles the hand, which includes biometric fingerprint information that is unique for every individual. The pale grey three fingers of the logo represent the uncertainty of a person’s ID. With the trendsetter technology and power of innovation of our company, the first two fingers verify with characteristic green colour. Finally, a clear grey, forceful and robust Papilon appears.


With our motto “Beyond Biometrics, Holistic Intelligence” we want to underline our holistic point of view. Products and solutions that we offer are made from this perspective. We get power from biometrics and use this power in our solutions to make people's life easier and safer. Moreover, beyond Papilon's advanced biometric technologies, there is a unique artificial intelligence that interprets cases and information from a holistic perspective.

What's Biometrics?

The term “biometrics” comes from Ancient Greek. It means “measurement of the living”. To put it more clearly; it means, unique and unchangeable biological characteristics that can be scalable by technological measurement instruments. Fingerprints, palm prints, face, and iris are physiological biometrics. On the other hand, signature, keystroke movement, and touchscreen patterns are behavioural biometrics.

What's AI?

AI represents “artificial intelligence”, an intelligence that comes from machines and robots. The term artificial intelligence is used to describe machines that mimic cognitive functions such as learning and problem solving, which are associated with the human mind among the public. Artificial intelligence studies are not limited to the development of these human cognitive abilities. Artificial intelligence studies include the development of self-learning machines.

Most Asked Questions

What is Holistika?

Holistika is a Next Generation ABIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), as our company’s core product and its supreme algorithm lie in the heart of many products that succeeded it. Holistika includes tools that allow the operators to manage everything from print enrollment to coding and analysis; from storage and ten-print card creation to sending and running queries and print matching among other functions that tie these processes together to offer a seamless and complete user experience.

What is Data-Driven Insight Platform?

Data-Driven Insight Platform makes strategic decisions based on data collection, analysis, and interpretations or insights. DDIP analyses days and months of video streams and millions of photos to detect persons, objects, and behaviors of interest for sector-independent use cases. Use AI to turn your business data into knowledge and increase productivity, secure your facility and employees and drive profitable growth. Build an AI platform faster with pre-built detectors via hardware-independent way or train custom models efficiently and integrate applications.

What kind of solutions do you have?

We have lots of solutions designed with our holistic point of view in industries like government, law enforcement, finance and telco, health, media, marketing, etc. Please visit our website solutions page to have more detail.

What is digital onboarding?

Digital onboarding is a system that allows financial service providers to perform the necessary transactions to acquire a new customer through digital platforms without the need for the customer to come to the branch.

How can I find support for Papilon products and solutions?

Technological support requires extensive knowledge, years of experience, expert personnel, and the ability to offer unique solutions to specific problems. With our wide product range, active and flexible solution architecture, we meet all your needs in the field of technology, and we support you in solving your problems. Our experienced team, which includes data scientists, IT engineers, and innovation team members who have significant knowledge and extensive experience in their fields, come to your aid with an integrated solution opportunity to find solutions to your problems at any time and under any circumstances. We are here to solve all your technical difficulties. Please contact our It team at itadmin@papilon.com.tr for technical support about our products and solutions.

What's the address of PAPILON headquarter?

Our headquarter and R&D center is in Turkey. For more information, please visit our “contact us” page.

Where can I find information on events or exhibitions?

You can have more information about events and exhibitions that we attended at the sales@papilon.com.tr mail address.

What kind of certificates do you have?

Papilon products and solutions have internationally valid certificates such as NIST FRVT, FBI, ISO. We owe our success in this field to our successful R&D capacity where our high technology studies are carried out and the devoted work of our qualified employees.

Do You Have Any Partners?

You can obtain information about our partnership structure from our investor page. https://invest.papilon.com.tr/cms/

What is a Digital ID Platform?

Every person in the World has an identity. Identities are helping us to benefit from services like health, security, education, and commerce. In our digitilizing World, everyone has a digital identity. This type of identity allows systems, services, and apps to know who they are talking to. It is critical to manage the complete identity lifecycle and to ensure that the right access is granted only to the right person, device, or thing. Digital Identity Platform is a platform that allows people to confirm their presence in the digital space.

What is Digital Human?

Digital Human is a visually realistic, human-faced avatar. It can answer all requests and perform a wide range of tasks on behalf of a business.

Do you sell fingerprint scanners?

Exactly, yes! We sell fingerprint scanners of every size. Papilon fingerprint scanners are capable of operating in the most extreme conditions such as moisture, temperature, oil, and dirt. Some of our devices can take palm prints and footprints as well as fingerprints. At the same time, our NIST and FBI-approved devices have international validity. With these features, Papilon fingerprint devices have an important place in the sector. Industry-leading LS Series meets all your needs.

Where can I find information on Papilon products and solutions? / Where can I buy Papilon products and solutions?

If you want to get more information about our products and solutions, please visit our products and solutions page to view information. If you want to buy any of our products, please send a mail to sales@papilon.com.tr mail address.

What does Papilon do with consumers’ data?

Papilon doesn’t collect, store, or hold onto personal information. We respect the privacy of the biometric information obtained. Your data is stored with special encryption methods. Thus, no data can be shared with a third party or institution without your consent. Papilon cares about the privacy of your data on this path that we set out with respect to both information and personal rights, and we act diligently while producing the technologies we offer to make your life easier. One of our most important missions is to ensure that you live your experience safely.

Where can I find company information on PAPILON?

Papilon, EMEA’s unique end-end biometric device and system manufacturer, were founded in 2012, grew into a publicly-owned company in 2019, and today we comprise a number of trendsetter products and expert solutions around the world in biometrics and AI. We have more than 20 excellent solutions for cross sectors in 4 products in various industries with the power of biometrics and the huge developmental capacity of artificial intelligence. We work on standard-defying R&D projects of biometrics in areas ranging from artificial intelligence, machine learning, actionable data analytics, digital human, and auto-ML to computer vision that makes life easier. Also, we increase our global presence day by day and convert it to a competitive advantage by expanding our product range and service, including AI-based person, behaviour, activity and object recognition, smart security services, multimedia processing systems applications, and many more, respectfully to people, data privacy and knowledge. For more information, please visit our “about us” page.

I want to know about your job and internship opportunities.

Considering that sustainable development is achieved with people-oriented and transparency, we conduct our processes based on performance, knowledge, and experience. We give importance to ethical conduct and carry out our processes regardless of gender, language, religion, ethnicity, by observing the principle of equal opportunity. With this important awareness, our goals are to motivate our employees, achieve their potential, build new values together, and understand the company’s aims. To reach these goals, our focus point is to create an inspiring environment for every individual. It is more than welcome to share our job and internship opportunities with you. Please visit our “career page” to have more information. We are highly grateful to work and learn with you.

Is My Data Safe?

Absolutely yes. Your data is safe with expert Papilon technology! As Papilon, we use the data to analyze by taking from products and solutions we offer to ensure your safety and to make your life easier. We care about data security with our work as an independent organization and do not share your data with a third party. We encrypt the data entered into the system with blockchain technology, thus ensuring that your and your loved ones' data remains secure.

Where Do You Get Your Products?

With the unique knowledge of our engineers, we produce our products and solutions within Papilon from A to Z and do not use a 3rd party provider.