With Refugee Registration and Immigration Management, National Identity and Citizen Registration, and Trusted Voter Registration and Election System solutions, we facilitate the activities of governments in critical areas and create easy-to-manage systems.

  • National Identity and Citizen Registration
  • Refugee Registration and Immigration Management
  • Trusted Voter Registration and Election System

Law Enforcement

The success of law enforcement is indispensable for the peace and prosperity of a country. We aim to make human life safer with the solutions we have developed for law enforcement.

  • Criminal Investigation
  • 3D Figure Modelling & Facial Identification
  • Border Security
  • Biometric Jail Management

Finance & Telco

Finance and Telco solution manages your digital onboarding processes and offer customer acquisition solutions for banks and telecommunication companies. Thus, we offer easy and safe services in areas such as opening an account and transferring money.

  • Digital Onboarding and KYC


In this solution, we provide biometric matching by pairing the footprints of babies and the fingerprints of mothers. In this way, babies are prevented from being altered.

  • Baby Footprints

Facility & Workforce Management

The safety of facilities and work areas is made possible by indivisible and tailor-made biometric solutions. Facilities with special security needs, work and break tracking of personnel and also access controls are made possible through biometric systems.

  • Seamless Access Control
  • Biometric Workforce and Visitor Management
  • Video Analytics for Sensitive Places

Media & Marketing

We have the opportunity to classify media information and content in real-time images using our data-driven insight platform (DDIP). We can perform multimedia analysis and content classification. We can use your data to analyze the purchasing trends of your potential customers.

  • Multimedia Analysis and Content Labeling
  • Customer Analysis and Digital Signage

Travel & Transportation

Travel and Transportation solutions offers you the chance to travel without a printed card.

  • Smooth Passenger Experience

Retail & E-Services

We provide solutions to the problems you need in the digital environment with our age verification, vitality detection, and distance education systems with our retail and e-services solutions.

  • Age Verified Digital Systems
  • Remote Biometric Verification for E-Learning