A holistic ABIS technology with large-scale fingerprint, palmprint, iris, face, and footprint recognition for criminal and civil use cases.

PAPILON HOLISTIKA is an Automated Multi-Biometric Identification System for the deployment of large-scale projects with fully modular and customizable solutions in a holistic view. HOLISTIKA offers a proven technology of ABIS products for any sized law enforcement and civil community from small, customized solutions to national-scale enterprise implementations.

The Perfect Duo: The Power of Biometrics and AI, Designed for Holistic Solutions HOLISTIKA is the world’s first AI-based ABIS technology available as an on-premise solution and will be also as a cloud service soon. HOLISTIKA’s core technology is optimized on real-life datasets to develop high-performing fingerprint, palmprint, face, iris, and footprint algorithms which globally ranked on independent NIST benchmarks and FBI certification. HOLISTIKA Neuro is the artificial intelligence module that uses machine learning for the most likely candidates even with complex and low-quality fingerprints and palmprints to get extra identifications in the candidate lists.

HOLISTIKA-Core Capabilities

Multi-Modal Capability

Supports fingerprints, palmprints, face, iris, and footprints verification and identification.

The State-Of-The-Art in Biometrics

Enables 13 types of automatic biometric searches for law enforcement and civil agencies.

Proprietary Secure HOLISTIKA DBMS

Designed to work out of the box with a minimal licensing budget and only native to PAPILON secure storage for the database layer.

Easily Plug-In Biometric Identification

Provide end-user, client, and central components without any dependency: live scanners, stations, e-gates, access control units, criminal investigation tools, core ABIS and application software.

Global Data-Exchange Coverage

Proven experience with replacement of other manufacturers ABIS system to HOLISTIKA.

Flexible Architecture, Unlimited Database Space

Provide robust, easy-adaptable multi-biometric solutions to various use cases with unlimited architecture and database.

AI-Based Forensic Identification

Identify and collect evidence of ballistics, fingerprints, and footprints instantaneously and send it to HOLISTIKA and FORENSIKA from the crime scene.

Accessible & User-Centric Experience

Securely connect and fully-HOLISTIKA experience through mobile terminals from anywhere- office, checkpoint, in the field, or home.

Platform Independent

Operating on RedHat Linux, CentOS, Astra Linux, and Windows.

Global Standards

ANSI/NIST, FBI, Interpol, ISO, and other universally accepted data formats for collaborative use.

Ease of Configuration

Designed with holistic in mind, HOLISTIKA ABIS is easy to integrate with any 3rd party solution using an integration module.

No Vendor Dependency

Compatible with all technologies, processes, and workflows that are in standard use by our clients.

How Does HOLISTIKA Work?

Comprehensive HOLISTIKA Experience

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Designed For Holistic Solutions

HOLISTIKA is designed to fully customizable workflows, flexible components, and a tailor-made identity management solution that creates a safer world where the citizen wins, the customer wins and the community wins.