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Smooth Passenger Experience

End-to-End Self-Service Passenger Experience
Biometrics are integrated into the travel journey from enrolment to boarding. With our biometrics and digital identity technology at its core, our multimodal airport solution gives you the agility to respond to changing situations. We empower airport, subway, train station operators with biometrics. We offer IT solutions you need to progress in a dynamic environment. From check-in to departure, our transport technology covers every stage of user scenarios. So you take care of everything with one partner.

Digital Identity Platform covers every step of the seamless travel process, from check-in and access control to security control using face Recognition, to VIP lounge services. In addition, passengers no longer need to present their identity documents, reducing waiting times with digital identity verification, rapid transit during rush hour, and automatic check-in.

Using artificial intelligence, the solution brings autonomous security control, enabling faster safety checks of passengers. At the same time, with the digital identity integrated with smart signage, information about their own flight is shown to the passengers on the signs. Last call announcements are sent to the passengers' phones.

Traditional, agency-staffed check-in counters cannot avoid overcrowding as most passengers arrive at check-in to their flights at the same time. But there is another way to control this process that not only reduces queues. Get ready to take your airport or subway forward with fast, secure, and easy-to-use self-service check-in kiosks.

Passengers can create their boarding passes by verifying their identity from their homes before arriving at the airport or subway. With DID’s technology, boarding passes verified by remote selfie face recognition are created in the comfort of home.

The authenticity of documents such as passports and ID cards is checked by NFC and MRZ readings and AI control.

Data-Driven Insight Platform and PYUZ detect alarms and notify the operators in the case of emergency, misbehavior, technical alarms, or fraud suspicions. It focuses on passenger behavior and it can detect tailgating attempts, multiple faces, blocked or forced doors, objects left inside the gates, spoofing attempts, watchlist match.

Enable fast and seamless security control with BEOGS EasyPass – Self Boarding Gates during the departure and arrival at borders, checkpoints, access control zones without the need for security staff.

Document-free journey

With biometric-based boarding passes, instead of having the ticket read and showing the ID at boarding passes, the passengers automatically pass themselves, and no officer is needed for identification.

Compliance with international standards

ANSI/NIST, FBI, Interpol, ISO, ICAO and other universally-accepted data formats for collaborative use.

One partner for everything: hardware, software, and services

Provide robust, easy-adaptable multi-biometric solutions to tailored specific use cases with unlimited architecture, database, and features.

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