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Age Verified Digital Systems

The new way to tell your age: Safe, Fast, and Digital
The acceptance of financial obligations that young people do not understand in banks, pharmacies, online shopping sites, cinema, gaming sites, betting sites, and other online service industries, may result in liabilities that include the family, the business, and other users of the site, and may harm more than one party. Deliver effective service by making sure your leads are of age with online age verification.

Extract the date of birth and face search photo from government-issued identification documents to calculate the person’s current age. It checks whether documents such as identity, driver’s license, passport are authentic. With an instant selfie, the face verification of the people is made and the age taken over the ID is presented to the institutions.

Detect deception processes such as print photos, realistic 3D masks, digital photos, or videos from the phone and guarantee the physical presence of the customer making a service purchase or creating an account.

Determine the probability of a customer being in a certain age category, above a certain age, or under a certain age. If you want to check the age of your customers in your services without authentication, you can manage the process anonymously with our age estimation algorithm.

Age filtering applications with identity control at the entrance of places and events with age restrictions provide protection in practice. DIP – Digital ID Platform with both contactless and secure age verification features shares only the required age information with the other party.

Trusted and Proven Technology

NIST - FRVT certified, high-quality face detection, recognition, and identification including demographic analysis as gender, emotion, and age recognition.

Anonymous and GDPR Compliance

Designed with privacy protection in mind, DIP can be configured not to store any facial images and other personal data.

No Need for Extra Hardware Costs

Complete the age check by entering the 6-digit verification code of your customer who has completed the age verification process on the mobile or web application or by having the biobarcode read on your phone.

Remote Biometric Verification for E-Learning

Ensure online education and academic honesty with the power of biometrics
At the moment, most K-12 classes and university students are transferred to online video-conferencing applications. However, the average class size poses great challenges to both students and educators with this method. One particular problem is the impossibility of monitoring the whole class from one screen or worse, having to constantly change screens. We provide to answer questions such as which kind of material the students respond to the most, what is the demographic profile of students who benefit from distance learning, and in what age ranges students adapt more easily to new education techniques and also exam security via remote biometric verification.

PYUZ SnapFace, recognizes the students’ faces from the footage taken with the camera of the device which the student uses to join the lesson.

PYUZ Snapface ensures that the individual who logged into the lesson is the student himself or herself, and performs a digital attendance count. To use the system, the student turns the camera to his/her face and it automatically scans and runs the image taken.

Data-Driven Insight Platform determines more than one hundred points on the human face, and taking the muscle movements at these reference points as references, recognizes the student’s facial expressions and eye movements. This allows the helpful analysis of student attendance to be performed from facial expressions.

Digital Identity Platform authenticates the student’s identity with biometric means in addition to an ID and password combination. That way, in cases of data theft, the people who possess the student information will not be able to access the student’s records, but more importantly, cheating on the exam will be history.

Trusted and Proven Technology

NIST - FRVT certified facial recognition technology in %99,22 accuracy with also gender recognition, emotion recognition, and age recognition.

Hybrid Deployments

Available in device-centric, server-centric, and web-based configurations.


Flexible development tools for a next-generation identity verification experience on Web, iOS, and Android.

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