National Identity & Citizen Registration

Holistic Identity: Unique ID from birth to valid through the entire life via digitally or holdable
Trusted national identity management is the most important core competency of empowering welfare, accessing rights, and taking healthcare, financial, educational, voting benefits. HOLISTIKA ABIS serves governments to provide holistic identities allowing every citizen to be recognized by the public and private services in-person, on-site via operators, or remotely and to make the most of civil identity opportunities. Leveraging the fact that using multi-biometric data is by far the most convenient and trusted means of enrolling, identifying, and authenticating citizens, PAPILON provides government-proven fixed and mobile technologies.

Papilon Live Scanners (biometric fingerprint scanners) are highly robust and based on high-optical technology that makes it possible to enroll multi-biometrics either slap or rolled in harsh conditions such as wet, dry, greasy, with real-time checks on the quality of the fingerprints, palmprints, and footprints being captured. Papilon Live Scanners are certified IAFIS-IQS Appendix F by the FBI.

Whether it is regarding identity control at checkpoints, immigrant enrollment or voter registration, the compact and next-generation Papilon Mobile Terminals (MT Series) ensure high-quality multi-biometric data capture (face, iris, and fingerprints), remotely identity enrolment, verification (1:1), and identification (1:N).

The latest biometric workstations, HOLISTIKA Stations, provide a user-centric approach for secure and versatile multi-biometric enrolment, identity verification, identity investigation, and HOLISTIKA Core system administration. HOLISTIKA Station F captures ICAO standard face image with auto-lightening and digitally merges demographic data to enroll without mismatched.

HOLISTIKA Core identifies duplicate biometric entries in the database automatically once multi-biometric data enrolment is done by LS Series or entering a latent image by card or sending latent data by EVIDENT from the crime scene. This deduplication process also collects biometrics in a single enrolment card to better identify hard criminal scenarios for each individual.

E-Government Services becomes even more secure and intelligent with Papilon Digital Identity Platform. Digital Identity Platform empowers citizens to access e-services such as remote document issuance, visa application, and remote notary confirmation via a simple selfie verification on their mobile devices.

Trusted and Proven Technology

Proven in national-scale projects, including law enforcement, national ID, driving license, and border management over 1 billion biometrics.

Global Standards

ANSI/NIST, FBI, Interpol, ISO, and other universally-accepted data formats for collaborative use.

Modular and Seamless Integration

Provide robust, easy-adaptable multi-biometric solutions to tailored specific use cases with unlimited architecture, database, and features.

Refugee Registration & Immigration Management

Built on the learned facts: The world’s most advanced holistic International Migrant Management System
Globalization, by nature, wants to eliminate borders; but the feeling of being safe wants to close the borders. PAPILON combined the feeling of being safe with the power of technology and personally developed his products as witnesses to the biggest irregular migration movement of the 2000s. After the developments in Syria, Turkey, where millions of people have flocked at once, has also encountered critical masses to be managed when the waves of migration from various countries have been added. In this way, the world’s most sophisticated integrated migrant management system emerged with “R & D on the field”.

The demographic data of each immigrant, 20 fingerprints (4-4-2-1 flat and rolled), and palmprints with the ICAO compliant photograph is recorded with Papilon Live Scanner Series and HOLISTIKA ABIS Stations. Papilon LS Series is certified IAFIS-IQS Appendix F by the FBI.

These immigrant enrolment procedures are done with iris, one of the most valuable of all biometric measures, by OPTIKA – Dual Iris Scanner for children and babies.

During the enrollment, all system records are questioned by biometric comparison. The process is performed in 7 seconds with all the fingers of 10.000.000 persons compared with HOLISTIKA ABIS Express ID Software.

Refugee registration can be done at registration offices or via the Papilon MT Series mobile handheld terminals and Papilon MT Suitcase mobile biometric workstations. Papilon MT Series is certified IAFIS-IQS Appendix F by the FBI.

Data is instantly shared with law enforcement agencies for background query purposes, and law enforcement agencies are controlled by HOLISTIKA Core for related incidents and fraudulent identity transactions.

Within the scope of the notification obligation, the routine control of foreigners is carried out without the operator with the kiosks of HOLISTIKA Stations or PARS - Access Radar System and without any identity card with the fingerprints, palmprints, face, or iris.

The entry and exit of hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the living areas of the control regions and guest houses are executed by BEOGS ABCs – Automatic Border Control Gates or BEOGS EasyPass – Self Boarding Gates.

Learned Technology

The system has been recognized by the European Union and the United Nations and is being used in camps of refugees and immigration authority checkpoints of Turkey.

Quick Processing

Identifying a person using HOLISTIKA ABIS is quick and simple. After enrolment, refugees need only to present two or more biometric elements (e.g., fingers, iris, face, or a passport). The matching time for identity checks during the rollout in Turkey was on average 2 seconds.

Modular and Seamless Integration

Provide robust, easy-adaptable multi-biometric solutions to tailored specific use cases with unlimited architecture, database, and features. The system can be extended with additional components.

Trusted Voter Registration & Election System

Trusted and Transparent Election with the power of biometrics
The strength of a country's democracy is directly related to effective and transparent elections. It is incredibly critical to use personal biometric data to prevent a person from voting more than once to avoid possible loss of votes and theft. HOLISTIKA ABIS enables the government to enroll all the voters with their multibiometric (fingerprint, face, and iris), to issue and hand over their voter’s ID cards at the point of registration, to multi-biometrically verify all the voters on the election day eliminating any possibility of election fraud such as duplicate or illegal voting, and to manage all the data at the center.

Voters be able to make their registrations with their biometrics (fingerprint, iris, face) from the enrollment station via Papilon LS Series nearest to them. These records are queried by central HOLISTIKA Servers in order to avoid a possible false identity or duplication, and if there is any problem, it informs the operator instantly.

While creating the voter registration, a de-duplication check is done and if everything is suitable, the registration is completed and the voter’s ID cards are printed at the enrollment station and delivered to the voter.

The system allows offline inquiry. If there is no network connection with the center at the time of election or if the central system cannot be accessed due to a different problem, voter verification can be done on the client device via MT Series – Mobile Terminals or HOLISTIKA Stations and not cause any business disruption.

On the day of the election, the voter comes to the ballot where they are registered, passes all multi-biometric verifications (finger, iris, face - all three of these - or any combination determined by the government), and this verification is printed on the ballot paper with the encrypted QR code at that moment as a validating instrument of the ballot paper.

HOLISTIKA allows the creation of various electronic data banks and automates to the greatest extent all possible processes of fingerprint-iris-face (multimodal biometrics) data entry, processing, storage, and comparison.

Robust and Versatile

All components of MT Suitcase and HOLISTIKA ABIS Stations are assembled into the case with a damper making the whole design impact-resistant. They combine everything from creating citizen records to running identification and verification requests in their ergonomic design.

Flexible and Adaptable Technology

Different types of citizen registration can be done with HOLISTIKA ABIS in a station environment, in rural areas without network access or electricity, offline or online, or on self-service kiosks.

End-to-end Solution

Supports a full range of products to mobile terminals, workstations, and kiosks for the registration and authentication of voters.

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