Digital Identity Platform

The continuous trust framework to securely verify persons, businesses, and customers’ identities through ID documents, selfies, and third-party databases for cross-channel assurance.

Meet with Turkey's first Digital Biometric Identity Platform, developed with ease of use, modular integration capability for corporate-level needs, and our expertise in biometrics and AI. Fill the gaps with our continuous identity technology to create one digital identity to rule a frictionless journey through digital onboarding and cross-channel authentication.

Feel the Platform Power with Papilon’s Digital Identity Framework, Designed for the Community in Trust Design custom verification processes no matter your requirements are complex or not and deploy your powerful identity solution in minutes. Digital Identity Platform is designed for continuous identity management with NIST FRVT ranked facial biometrics, global identity document verification, and passive liveness detection with a single selfie. Digital Identity Framework offers a full-stack technology set of client and server components with SDKs, APIs for both native mobile and web applications.

Digital Identity Platform - Core Capabilities

Identity Authentication

  • Document data extraction - OCR
  • Machine-readable zone - MRZ
  • Near Field Communication - NFC
  • AI-Powered OCR
  • Liveness detection (passive and active)
  • Facial recognition
  • Gesture recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • MFA – Multi-factor authentication

Identity Proofing

  • ID document capture and verification
  • Biometric capture and verification
  • Consent verification
  • Government trust verification
  • AML compliance check
  • Third-party database checks

Identity Management

  • Data deduplication
  • Biometric encryption
  • Blockchain integration
  • Biometric database storage
  • 3rd party database integration
  • White-label identity verification platform
  • Video Call Module – KYC

How Does Digital Identitiy Platform Work?

Document verification

Global coverage: 190+ Countries documents

  • ID Cards
  • Passports
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Custom document training service (ML Service)

Facial recognition and liveness check

NIST FRVT ranked face recognition, gesture recognition, and liveness check with a single photo

Data extraction and additional ID checks

AI-OCR engine automatically extracts data from the document and validates format and information

Digital Onboarding is done!

After verification, bio-barcode and result report are created.

Digital Identity Platform Experience

Flexible development tools for a next-generation identity verification experience on Web, iOS, and Android.

Available in device-centric, server-centric, and web-based configurations.

Provide a seamless user verification experience with global document support in 190+ countries

NIST FRVT certified facial recognition technology in %99,22 accuracy with also gender recognition, emotion recognition, and age recognition.

Advanced liveness detection with a 3D facial map with a single photo

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) with SMS OTP, PIN control, device info, gesture recognition, and voice recognition.

Use DIP’s AI-OCR to check template, fonts, security features, including optically variable ink, holograms, fine line patterns, watermarks, stamps, optical stripe, security laminate, text, and barcode/MRZ consistency check

Create biometric-based QR codes for seamless services

Create custom video KYC flows with Digital Identity Platform Portal or with SDKs and our APIs for localized market requirements

Compliant with global standards and guidelines

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Designed for The Community in Trust

Digital Identity Platform is designed for any authentication factor from any channel in any way you need it with fully customizable workflows and flexible components.