Media & Marketing

Multimedia Analysis & Content Labeling

AI Enterprise Platform for Multimedia Analysis
Multimedia processing and object recognition allow you to vet the multimedia archives faster and sort the images by topic, person, or context. Multimedia processing and object recognition applications can be used in fields where visual evidence and material are essential elements, such as media, journalism, business intelligence, criminal investigations, and public safety applications. A tailored and tagged archive will help the customer representatives to detect the problem via tunning the visual record of the problem against the ones kept in the archive. Papilon’s Data Driven Insight Platform allows enterprises and public organizations to produce coherent and continuous narratives and puts an end to delays and postponements because of recurrent research or lack of supporting material.

NIST certified, high-quality face detection, facial recognition, and identification including demographic analysis as gender, emotion, and age recognition. Counting people, tracking movement between cameras, and searching by body sample or body features.

Identify public figures to catalog photos and images for media, marketing, and advertising.

Detect the human body posture to identify the behaviors like "sitting", "running", "fighting".

Real-time object detection, tracking, and classification to recognize objects in digital images and videos. (e.g. daily life objects, security objects, etc.)

Auto-generate metadata from unstructured data for creating searchable tags. Automatically detect key video segments to reduce the time, effort, and cost of video ad insertion, content operations, and content production.

Auto-Tagging and Annotation

Spend less time annotating data and more time using your detector with auto annotation.

Similarity Search

Search billions of photo and video files in milliseconds, either by tags or detectors.

Content moderation and brand safety

Use AI to identify the contents of videos frame by frame and identify objects to ensure brand safety for unwanted content.

Customer Analysis & Digital Signage

AI-Driven Audience Analytics
Being exposed to advertisements is an integral part of the e-commerce experience. Seeing items that they might purchase someday, both extend the shopping experience and makes it into a discovery trip. Unlike many things that you could see in a physical store, the items you might see in a safe frame container can be from many brands and scattered all across the goods and services spectrum. In such a world where our emotions affect not only our decision but also the decisions of giant corporations, knowing what your customers, business partners, and students feel is a must to understand our time. Data-Driven Insight Platform makes digital signage smarter.

Identify gender, age (child, young, adult, senior), and emotions (happy, surprise, sad, neutral, angry).

Count the total number of people in the crowd.

Count the time during which your customers were looking at your ad.

Count the time during which people were in front of the camera.

Analyze the efficiency of outdoor advertisement with our audience per content reports.

Reliable Data

Face detection is powered by the PYUZ SDK algorithm, ranked NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT).

Respecting privacy

Our solution is 100% anonymous, no video/photo of people are stored on the cloud. No identification.

No Specific Hardware Requirements

Build your system of audience analytics with any of the shelf cameras and any edge processing device.

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