PAPILON Q Queue Control System

End Crowd In Queue! Are there long queues in places such as hospitals, banks, title deeds, public institutions that work by appointment?

With Papilon Q, you can prevent your customers and visitors with appointments from waiting in line. Thanks to the fingerprint and face recognition feature used to prevent fraud, a ticket number is assigned parallel to the previous appointment made with Papilon Q, so that the right person can be interviewed at the right time. Using biometric tools such as fingerprint and facial recognition technology, PAPILON Q opens a new era in queue control system. Thanks to this new system, transactions are managed quickly, and sequence numbers can be obtained only by scanning a fingerprint or face.

PAPILON Q Core Capabilities

Hold the power of HOLISTIKA in your hands!

HOLISTIKA is an ABIS technology with large-scale fingerprint, palm print, iris and face recognition. HOLISTIKA ABIS detects every frame of a fingerprint or face image and sends it to the database. Thanks to this software, which is integrated with Papilon Q, visitor tracking is carried out through fingerprints and facial images.

Manage crowds more efficiently with Easy Integration!

Papilon Q can work with many different software and hardware. Thanks to its easy-to-integrate structure, it is used to manage crowds with video devices, box office TVs, kiosks and various external devices, to give priority to people with special conditions, to meet visitors with an appointment at the right time, and to reduce waiting time.

Prevent fraud and violation with LS Live Fingerprint Scanners and Face Recognition Technology!

Thanks to LS live fingerprint scanners and facial recognition software, Papilon Q has the ability to recognize each individual by making use of its biometric features. Thus, counterfeiting and order violation is prevented thanks to personal biometric data.

Where can PAPILON Q be used?

Hospital, Banks, Consulates, Policce Building, Notaries, Customs, Public Entreprises, Land Registry and Cadastre

Comprehensive Papilon Q Experience