Senior Members of Iraqi Army Visited Papilon

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A delegation of high-ranked military officials from Iraq visited Papilon Defense Inc., on August 22, 2019. The program started with a presentation telling our origin story and informing the visitors on our biometric and ballistic identification systems and continued with thorough introductions about some of our specific solutions and systems.  [...]

A Delegation from Sri Lanka Attended Our Workshops

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A delegation from Sri Lanka paid an important visit to our headquarters on August 1st, 2019. Our main objective was to introduce the latest biometrics safety and identification technologies produced in Turkey to the delegation. Our visitors were presented with our methodology, main principles, fieldwork experiences, and cases on which we [...]

Burundi’s Minister of Public Safety and Disaster Management was Introduced to Our Biometric Systems

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Burundi’s Minister of Public Safety and Disaster Management visited our headquarters with his entourage on July 25, 2019. During their visit Mr. Minister and his delegation attended presentations about our firm’s histıry and projects. The visitors were introduced to our video analysis, virtual reality, and ballistic systems and tested the world’s fastest and [...]

Papilon Celebrates the 180th Anniversary of Turkish Gendarmerie

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As Papilon Defence Inc., we celebrate the 180th anniversary of the foundation of Turkish Gendarmerie and its trained personnel who set an example to the world with their expertise in the latest technology and patriotic love and sacrifice.

Papilon Development Panels Commence with İsmail Kalyoncu

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Papilon Development Panels organized the first panel on 'Art of Speaking and Behavior when dealing with Public Institutions'. The panel was held on 12 July 2019 Friday at Papilon Sunshine Meeting Hall. Speaker of the panel was Mr. Ismail Kalyoncu, who has vast high level experience with Turkish public [...]

Papilon receives Certificate of Appreciation from Revenue Administration of Turkey

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Papilon has been presented a Certificate of Appreciation by the Republic of Turkey Revenue Administration Ankara Tax Office Presidency for being among the taxpayers who made the highest declaration in Corporate Income Tax and for its valuable contributions to the national economy.

Papilon celebrates 19 May the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day!

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19th May 1919 laid the actual foundation day of the new Turkish State in Anatolia and is the beginning of history of the Republic of Turkey. The Great Leader Atatürk started his Great Speech with this event, when asked for his birthday he pointed out to May 19th. Saying “Young people, you [...]

Happy July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day

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Happy July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day. As Papilon, we would like to express our condolences to the relatives of all our citizens who were martyred for democracy and national unity, and we wish immediate healing to our veterans and those who have been injured.

Papilon was at the one hundredth Anniversary of Afghanistan’s Independence

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The reception was held at Ankara Sheraton Hotel on August 19, 2019. Among the attendants of the reception were the VP Mr. Fuat Oktay, the Turkish Minister of Defence; Mr. Hulusi Akar,  commander-in-chief Yaşar Güler along with many senior officials and embassy personnel.  Papilon was represented at the event with a special [...]

According to the news received from DHA; Minister Soylu, “WE HAVE ALL SYRIANS’ BIOMETRIC DATA”

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According to a news story ran by Demirören News Agency, Turkey’s Minister of the Interior Mr. Soylu stated that the government possesses all the biometric data of Syrian refugees registered in Turkey. “We do not possess all the biometric data of Turkish citizens, but we have stored the biometric information of all our [...]