PYUZ Modelika

PYUZ Modelika is a figüre modelling system that is used in suspect identification and tracking.

PYUZ Modelika is a figure modelling system that is used in suspect identification and tracking. In cases where eyewitnesses relay differing description of the suspect, PYUZ Modelika can create multiple models that match each description and create a single model that bring overlapping points of said descriptions together. Compared to hand-drawn models and models created with common graphics softwares, PYUZ Modelika is both more reliable and considerably faster.  

PYUZ Modelika Core Capabilities

PYUZ Integration

PYUZ Modelika can be integrated to PAPILON’s face recognition software PYUZ. That way, the models created with PYUZ Modelika can be run against the real human faces stored in PYUZ datasets, and suspects can easily be found. Thanks to PYUZ Modelika high quality figure modelling, PYUZ can accurately match models with real faces.

Mark and Texture Application

To ensure that the models match the real person perfectly, PYUZ Modelika allows the experts to add skin texture and peculiarities such as body and birth-marks and scars.

Accessory and Emotion Addition

With PYUZ Modelika, head, hair, and face accessories such as hats, piercings, and glasses can be added to models. In addition to these facial expressions denoting emotions such as anger and fear can be added to the models. This feature ensures that the model is converged to the suspect’s appearance at the time of the crime.

When Will You Need PYUZ Modelika

Law enforcement officials need PYUZ Modelika when they want to solve cases as soon as possible, and prevent criminals from misleading or evading justice, to build multiple models matching the description relayed by different eyewitnesses, and to create high-quality and realistic face models.

Comprehensive PYUZ Modelika Experience