Papilon KS-01 is an artificial intelligence-based person/object counting and customer analytics application that consist of multiple hardware and software components.

Papilon KS-01 can be used for counting inventories in warehouses, determining the number of people in a given area or closed space, counting the number of people in a store, and measuring the interest shown to certain products or aisles. Papilon KS-01 devices are placed at the doors of supermarkets and stores to count people. The current count is simultaneously sent to the electronic devices of the store personnel

KS-01 Core Capabilities

Cloud Based System

Thanks to Cloud-based data storage and processing system, the users will not need advanced and bulky hardwares and servers to store the inflowing data. As soon as the Papilon KS-01 is installed, the application pre-installed on the device connects to the Cloud and data synchronization is activated.

Alarm System

When the number of people per square meter exceeds the determined maximum, KS-01 sets off an alarm to warn the personnel. That way, stampedes and over-crowdedness all inherent to opening days and big sales, and an in-store density that threats the customer wellbeing can be prevented.

Density Measurement

When the number of people per square meter exceeds the determined maximum with Papilon KS-01, it warns the related personnel by sending warning messages to the telephone or tablet used. In this way, the number of people inside is kept at an optimum.

Biometric Data Storage

Reading and displaying of data stored in biometric documents

Comprehensive KS-01 Experience