PapT–4114 is a real-time fingerprinting device that scans both flat and rolled fingerprints.

PapT–4114 can take 4+4+2 prints of a hand. PapT–4114 is a scanner that can scan both flat and rolled fingerprints

PapT-4114 Core Capabilities


Thanks to the double sensor system and wide scanning surface of PapT-4114, the losses and deformities can be compensated by just re-rolling the finger on the device with no need for lifting the finger off the scanning surface.

Fast Capturing

PapT-4114 takes flat and rolled prints in less than two seconds.

Quadruple Sensor

Thanks to Its quadruple sensor system, blind spots in palm prints are also prevented, and a complete representation of the print is guaranteed.

Prism Surface

Each Papilon scanner’s prism surface is hand-cut and cleared of any of those marks that are commonly called pores. The absence of pores increases the quality and dependability of Papilon.

Comherensive PapT-4114 Experience