LS-1101 S

LS–1101 S is a finger and palm print scanner that takes rolled and flat prints besides palm-side prints and also It has a screen to view prints.

With Its high-quality screen, LS–1101 S takes both fingerprints and palmprints. As you can see the prints are taken on the screen, LS–1101 S can take rolled and flat prints besides palm side prints

LS-1101 S Core Capabilities


Thanks to Its high-quality screen, It is possible to see the prints that are taken on the prism surface.

Fast Capturing

LS–1101 S takes flat and rolled prints in less than two seconds.

Quadruple Sensor

Thanks to Its quadruple sensor system, blind spots in palm prints are also prevented, and a complete representation of the print is guaranteed.

Prism Surface

Each Papilon scanner’s prism surface is hand-cut and cleared of any of those marks that are commonly called pores. The absence of pores increases the quality and dependability of Papilon.

Comprehensive LS-1101 S Experience