The smallest member of LS-01 fingerprint scanners, designed to ease identity checks in the field.

The smallest member of our fingerprint scanners, LS–01 is designed to ease identity checks in the field. You will need LS-01 when you want to use a portable, hand-held, and incapacious device that makes identity verification in the field considerably easier

LS-01 Core Capabilities

Liveness Detection

Silicon, non-living persons or any other spoofing attempts can be fended off by LS-01, thanks to Its liveness detection feature.

Special Membrane Coating

Thanks to Papilon scanners, and special membrane coating, the fingers do not slip on the surface, the anti-skidding surface also prevents moisture from deforming the prints.

Prism Surface

Each Papilon scanner’s prism surface is hand-cut and cleared of any of those marks that are commonly called pores. The absence of pores increases the quality and dependability of Papilon.

Anywhere You Need It

In access control units, private enterprises, on-site identity verifications… LS–01 is operable anywhere you need in the field.

Comherensive LS-01 Experience