HOLISTIKA Station 1101

Designed for police units and other institutions that carry out daily biometric / fingerprint and palmprint registration and operational verification of detainees, suspects and other categories of persons. Also designed for intensive use.

Law enforcement needs to reach information more quickly and safely day by day. And so, local and interregional automatic fingerprint and palm print record terminals (HOLISTIKA ABIS) have to be reachable by law enforcement even if they are far away from a crime scene. In that case, technology and engineering come to help. One of the solutions is PAPILON's multifunctional LS workstation HOLISTIKA Station 1101 which  includes PAPILON LS-1101 fingerprint-palm print scanner, and also useful peripherals.

HOLISTIKA Station 1101 Core Capabilities


Thanks to the design, the workstation can be operated and easily portable with Its including like computer, printer, power source, and scanner. Integrated finger and palm print devices are located upside of the kiosk, and LCD screen – whereas digital photos locate inside the cover.


Like other mobile offerings in our portfolio HOLISTIKA Station 1101 is linked to Papilon HOLISTIKA ABIS, our central biometric data enrollment, and management system. Thus, when an operator tries to enroll prints that are already retained in the system, the HOLISTIKA Station 1101 face displays a warning informing the operator of the existing records.


The workstation locks itself automatically in cases it is not used more than a set of times (10 min., half an hour, etc.) This feature both locks unauthorized uses and protects the content of the case from external damage.To communicate over cellular channels, HOLISTIKA Station 1101 uses VPN, which is a protected IP connection. VPN does not require an internet connection and is also protected from unauthorized personnel.


There is no specific fingerprint information knowledge needed to use HOLISTIKA Station 1101 workstation. The graphic user interface directs the users step by step. And also with the help of quality control feature, the fingerprint materials were taken by, can be checked and verified immediately. Stabilized connection with HOLISTIKA ABIS, can manage to be transferred ten print records and identity queries so fastly which has already been

Comprehensive HOLISTIKA Station 1101 Experience