FORENSIKA software is used by law enforcement officials in the analysis of bullets and cartridge cases collected from crime scenes of cases that involve the use of firearms.

FORENSIKA is a software that digitizes the bullet and cartridge case scans produced by FORENSIKA BS, PAPILON’S ballistic scanner, and aids the criminal experts in the analysis of these cases and bullets

FORENSIKA Core Capabilities

High Accuracy Rate

Supported by the sharp scanning capabilities of FORENSIKA BS, the superior coding and matching algorithm of FORENSIKA enables the operators to find the right candidate at the top of the match list.

Smart Candidate List

FORENSIKA ranks the matching candidates by decreasing similarity and allows law enforcement personnel to devote their time to the focal points of an investigation while it handles the suspect search. The list allows the experts to prioritize candidates who had more likely been involved in the case.

Dimension Options

FORENSIKA can display cartridge case and bullet scans in 2D or 3D.

Multitasking With One Click

FORENSIKA can run up to ten analyses and inquiries with onu click.

Comprehensive FORENSIKA Experience