Papilon, recognizing that today’s security needs are multi-faceted, designed BEOGS, to provide high-level security without jeopardizing citizensrights. Thanks to BEOGS, all those burdensome security checks at airports can be replaced with just passing from a door

BEOGS Core Capabilities

Multimodal System

Despite being a mobile terminal, MT-06 is designed to be immune to different environmental and climatic conditions, and to moist and dust. That way, the prints taken with MT-06 match in quality the ones taken with a stable device.

Double Check

Thanks to BEOGS’ multiple access control components, each person’s identity is at least double-checked.

Central and Local Inquiry Options

BEOGS has both local and central inquiry options via the central ABIS. Local inquiry is especially useful in tracking people who are global watch lists across borders. The central inquiry, on the other hand, serves the verification of citizens and large-scale controls at borders or times of mass migration.

Comprehensive BEOGS Experience