A crowd of thousands of fans have fair sports and a high level of security experience in stadiums, where they experience very, very different emotions at the same time. In giant stadiums, we create real-time black list control and clean fan environment with our advanced face recognition algorithms on hundreds of cameras at the same time.

We protect stadiums with our intelligent biometric technologies.

CCTV Kamera

Whether for built-in IP, CCTV cameras or captured in stat, smart glasses and drone, we perform continuous biometric control for 90 minutes. Moreover, with our advanced video analysis software for follow-up of fan violations, you can reach the results immediately from a single center.

Faster stadium entrance for combined ticket entry

CCTV Stadyum Yüz Tanıma

With intelligent turnstiles from placing them at the stadium entrances, spectators will be able to enter the stadium quickly and without any problems. Even if the paper ticket is forgotten, our face recognition technology allows the access control to be performed within a few seconds, and is looking for who the fans are and unauthorized access attempts.

Hooligan identification right after the hooliganism right against the hooligan: With the detection of the biometric person, we immediately find the original person who was in the stadium.

Kontrol Odası

Instant biometric control of the structure of someone else sitting in place, who fight, enter the field, trying to enter one by one by finding the fans will be created to create sports crime. Smart Stadium System can be found in places such as cancellation of combined tickets, notification of the situation to sports prosecutors and black list. Finding the actual source of the security breach in the stands, such as the entire tribune or the sports community to prevent the punishment of fair and clean fan environment there.

Smart Stadium System is specialized in different technologies such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition depending on customer needs. It has flexible, multimodel structure which can be integrated remotely with Papilon expertise.