Sınır Güvenliği

Globalization, by nature, wants to eliminate borders; but the feeling of being safe wants to close the borders. This feeling revealed the need to control who is entering what is inside. Along with the forced limits, it also needed to be sensitive to the security of borders. In the world, while the removal of borders was talked, today the problem of border security in a country can be the problem of the World. The reason why border security management is one of the priority and important issues for the world is that it is the problem of the world.

Papilon combined the feeling of being safe with the power of technology. It gathered it’s extendible and applicable solutions and it’s experience about defence and security systems under the same roof of the border security concept.

Biyometrik Veri Toplama

In boundary security, biometric data collection, authentication and algorithmic intelligence technologies are among the most effective precaution. Papilon offers border security solutions for biometric systems which are the most effective among security measures. The use of biometric systems by Papilon Mobile solutions to mobilize teams at the boundaries has been an important tool in increasing the scope, sensitivity and flexibility of field operations. Reliability and widespread use of areas of biometric authentication provide an oppurtinity of use Papilon Mobile devices and Papilon kiosks at airports and customs checkpoints.

Sınır Güvenliği

It is almost impossible to secure the thousands of borders and coastlines physically, but by the help of technology it is possible to create a virtual security cordon. It is accomplishable to minimise id fraud, follow vizas, and create threat models and detect those threats by advanced analysis with Papilon Border Security Systems which never allows systematic gaps by way of it’s integrated solutions.

There will be always weaknesses in border security without confidential data integration and information sharing among institutions.

BEOGS Sınır Güvenliği

Integrated Biometric Automatic Toll Collection System is used in intrusion prevention by integration among varied units, in response toward threats fast and correctly, in deployment the resources to hot spots, and in enhancement the productivity of personnel. Papilon the family of security solutions is a border protection system which supports various fields including the real-time footages and field monitoring with videos, suspicious package, object recognition, determination the id, detection of unattended package by x-ray technology, and also Papilon helps to determining unusual activities, early warnings, threat evaluations, and to bringing forward a proposal based on advanced data correlation over data from the sources which is included in system.

Papilon Border Security Solutions,

  • Observes the border regions and controls them,

  • Estimates the illegal events and warns before hand,

  • Cases and watches the circumstance around the air, sea, and land borders,

  • Creates common awareness among all border securities,

  • Supports the decide-act circle in fast tactical, regional, and strategic levels