A holistic ABIS technology with large-scale fingerprint, palmprint, iris, face, and footprint recognition for criminal and civil use cases.

  • The world’s first AI-based ABIS technology is available
  • Fully customizable workflows, flexible components, and a tailor-made identity management solution
  • Perform 1:1, 1:N, and N:N biometric matching for verification, identification, and deduplication checking
  • Proven experience with replacement of other manufacturers ABIS system to HOLISTIKA

Digital Identity Platform

The continuous trust framework to securely verify persons, businesses, and customers’ identities through ID documents, selfies, and third-party databases for cross-channel assurance.

  • NIST FRVT ranked face recognition, gesture recognition, and liveness check with a single photo
  • Global coverage: ID document verification of 190+ countries
  • Available in device-centric, server-centric, and web-based configurations
  • Live assistance for your customers with ID verification checks, watchlists checks, AML checks all from one dashboard

Data-Driven Insight Platform

The fastest deep learning AI framework for developers, data scientists, and no-code users to search, verify and organize millions of images into actionable insights

  • Identify where and when persons, objects, activities, and texts appear in images or videos
  • Fast enough for developers and easy enough for no-code users
  • Build an AI platform with pre-built detectors via hardware-independent way
  • NIST certified, high-quality face detection, recognition, and identification including demographic analysis as gender, emotion, and age recognition

Digital Human

Human and AI collaborative technology to make digital humans a common part of our everyday lives and create an extended customer experience.

  • Create human-computer interaction at a revolutionary level with AI-powered digital humans
  • Use sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) and create literally artificial intelligence
  • Deploy your digital human online via your mobile application or website, or physically through kiosks
  • Make customers happier, and empower your brand 7/24 with a non-tired virtual assistants