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April 2017

One More of the Papilon’s Fingerprint Scanners Are Certified by FBI

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Being one of the most precise and prestigious certification tests, the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) Image Quality Specifications (IQS) have been a guideway to select a scanner. Papilon’s LS-01, Finger and Palm Print Scanner, is being certified by FBI; fulfilling every criterion in order to yield better image acquisitions for governments, law [...]

March 2017

Lost Alzheimer’s Disease Sufferers Will Be Found By Fingerprints!

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Thanks to the the project put in motion several weeks ago by the Provincial Security Management of Denizli, lost Alzheimer’s disease sufferers will be found by fingerprints acquired in the past. Under the favour of the project adopted by Provincial Security Management of Denizli, Directorate of the Crime Scene Investigation Branch, it [...]

February 2017

Fingerprints Have Collapsed The Terrorist Organization

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Law enforcement of Adana collapsed the terrorist organization's Akdeniz (Mediterranean) regional branch branch by taking the second fingerprint under scrutiny, acquired from the vehicle used in the bombing attack to the governorship building in 24th of November. The police forces reached to the "Akdeniz (Mediterranean) Responsible" of the terrorist organization by fingerprints and took [...]