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March 2019

We shared the future technologies with our ambassador to Iraq

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On March 7, 2019, we were hosted by our esteemed ambassador to Iraq and shared with him our plans for the future and projects to strengthen the comradery between Turkey and Iraq. We sincerely thank Mr. Ambassador for motivating us and listening to our ideas about transferring the experiences [...]

February 2018

Iraqi Defense Leaders Came Together in a Papilon Event

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Papilon came together with the leaders of Iraqi defense in an event that took place in Baghdad upon the invitation of Iraq’s Department of Criminal Investigations. Leaders from different venues of defense work had the chance to initiate dialogues during the luncheon hosted by Papilon, while Papilon’s Chief of the Executive [...]

January 2018

Cameroonian Minister Visited the Minds Behind the World’s Largest Central Biometric System

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On January 28, 2018, following his contacts in Turkey’s Ministry of Defense, Cameroon’s Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo paid a special visit to Papilon, the brand behind the world’s largest central biometric system, along with a delegation from Turkish Defense Ministry to hear perspectives on how to improve the security systems in a way [...]

Afghani Delegation Attended A Papilon Workshop

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Officials from Afghan Islam Republic’s Office of the President and the National Police Force were hosted in Papilon headquarters. As part of a four-day program, the delegation attended various Papilon workshops.  During the meetings that commenced with a workshop on identification systems, and the fight against crime and terrorism, it has [...]

December 2017

Papilon’s Solutions Were Tested in Iraq

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Papilon Defense attended Iraq’s second International Criminal Science and Medicine Conference along with officials from Iraqi government officials, researchers, and experts. During the workshop we held in the course of the conference, interested parties found to The conference which is held annually to strengthen the inter-organizational relationships between Iraqi criminal science and investigation institutions [...]

November 2017

Tanzanian Senior Officials from the Department of Criminal Investigations Joined Papilon’ Defense Program

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In the second week of November, 2017, Papilon had special guests from Tanzania. The Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigations of Tanzania and his entourage followed an intensive week-long program discussing latest developments and security systems in the sector. Tanzanian public officials were introduced to Papilon’s biometric and ballistic systems through case presentations and demos. [...]

September 2017

Rwanda’s Ambassador to Ankara Observed Papilon’s Solutions

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Papilon hosted Rwandan Ambassador Williams Nikurunziza and First Secretary Joel Uwizeye in its headquarters in Ankara. Here, guests attended defense workshops organized by Papilon. On September 13th, 2017, Papilon’s expert team informed the Rwandan public servants about the firm’s region-specific solutions and services, and ran product demos.

July 2017

Papilon Savunma Hosted Guests From Uganda

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Papilon Savunma hosted important guests from Uganda at the headquarters. General security and biometrical application methods were discussed in detail on the meetings with the participation of 5 senior officials from Uganda Law Enforcement. Detailed demonstration of ballistics and biometrics systems and products demonstrations had continued all day long. During these demonstrations, [...]

June 2017

Government of Ghana Committed to e-Governance Policy

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Government of Ghana, with its high level of commitment towards achieving the goals of the e-governance policy, continues its efforts to provide a secure and peaceful country. They have initiated projects like the e-immigration, e-parliament, e-procurement, and many others which would automate processes and streamline the use of ICT for citizens’ transformation. Increasing the [...]

May 2017

Papilon Showed Hospitality to The Important Guests from The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

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Papilon Savunma showed hospitality to the important guests from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, within the scope of “3rd Biometrical Technologies R&D Forum”, at the company headquarters. Studies conducted on biometrical application methods under the public safety concept with the Head of the Criminal Investigation Department, Head of the Crime Scene [...]