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April 2019

Burundian Attché Visited the Creators of the Largest Central Biometric System

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The Attaché for Security of Burundi’s Ankara Embassy CPP Leonidas Kiziba visited Papilon. We have informed Mr. Kiziba on our products through presentations and demos. Having been impressed by our high technology products and systems, Mr. Kiziba stated that his country is in a serious need for such systems  and he would write a [...]

February 2019

2765 Unsolved Crime Cases Closed Owing to Papilon’s Fingerprint Systems

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Collaborating with the National Police and Gendarmerie forces, Papilon helps getting unsolved crime cases closed. As a result of Papilon fingerprint scan and comparison products and services jointly used by the National Directorate of Police and General Commandership of Gendarmerie Forces, 2765 unsolved cases were successfully closed.  Last year, a [...]

February 2018

Papilon is in Macedonia with the World’s Fastest and Most Accurate Biometric Systems

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Papilon met the new years by adding new destinations to its international network. In the first week of February, Papilon was in Macedonia upon the invitation of Macedonian Minister of the Interior Mr. Oliver Spasovski. During their three day visit, Papilon representatives joined meetings with senior public officials of Macedonia. The main topic of [...]

November 2017

Tanzanian Senior Officials from the Department of Criminal Investigations Joined Papilon’ Defense Program

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In the second week of November, 2017, Papilon had special guests from Tanzania. The Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigations of Tanzania and his entourage followed an intensive week-long program discussing latest developments and security systems in the sector. Tanzanian public officials were introduced to Papilon’s biometric and ballistic systems through case presentations and demos. [...]

August 2017

Indian Police is Impressed with Papilon AFIS System and Products

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Indian Police, who have started to use Papilon AFIS system and palmprint and fingerprint scanners in some states such as Hyderabad and its districts like Adilabad and Afisabad, are very impressed with the excellent performance of the AFIS (Automated Palmprint and Fingerprint Identification) system and with other Papilon devices. Speaking to various media organizations, [...]

July 2017

Papilon Savunma Hosted Guests From Uganda

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Papilon Savunma hosted important guests from Uganda at the headquarters. General security and biometrical application methods were discussed in detail on the meetings with the participation of 5 senior officials from Uganda Law Enforcement. Detailed demonstration of ballistics and biometrics systems and products demonstrations had continued all day long. During these demonstrations, [...]

May 2017

Papilon Showed Hospitality to The Important Guests from The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

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Papilon Savunma showed hospitality to the important guests from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, within the scope of “3rd Biometrical Technologies R&D Forum”, at the company headquarters. Studies conducted on biometrical application methods under the public safety concept with the Head of the Criminal Investigation Department, Head of the Crime Scene [...]

March 2017

Papilon Savunma Widens the Map

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Papilon Savunma opens to the West African markets. Our company plans to present the game changing technologies intercontinally. With the new friends joined our staff, we will spread Papilon Savunma as one of the proud brands of our country and our A+ quality biometrical identification products and we will play a more [...]

Turkey’s Gates Are Wide Open For Safe and Secure Immigration

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As a results of the Syrian civil war started in 2011, number of biometrically registered immigrants increased from 14 thousand 237 by the following year of the war 2012 to 2 million 957 thousand 454, as explained by the Directorate General of Migration Management's official Twitter account. Due to the biometric data of approximately [...]

Lost Alzheimer’s Disease Sufferers Will Be Found By Fingerprints!

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In the past weeks, Denizli District Dİrectorate of Police started a project to find sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease who were reported missing. With this project, Department of Crime Scene Investigation at the Directorate aims to bring ease to the identification and tracking of Alzheimer’s patients. The project, which operates on the principle [...]