Iris structure begins generating right before the birth and keep on forming throughout baby’s infant growth and development.
  • Iris is an exclusive muscle in human’s eye that aims to adjust the size of the pupil. It basically controls how much light goes into the eye and iris’ patterns are quite distinctive.
Iris recognition is acknowledged as the most accurate biometric modality of all.
Iris Recognition

If human body was a lock,

iris would be the only key to open it.

  • Iris recognition technology possesses some of the most desirable specialties in order to be used at access control units simply because its verification from an individual never misleads.
Digital Cameras are obligatory in order to capture irides image, since infra-red lights are being directed into the eye in which these light do no harm to individual’s eyes.
  • It is quick and contactless which is a huge competitive advantage on high-traffic areas.
    Also, one of the reasons that iris recognition is referred is search speed and ability to easy adaptation to external systems along with the seamless integration process.