During verification, BakGeç System which was established to bring under control the places where high security is not required and passing authorisation is made takes advantage of Papilon Facial Recognition System and enables to determine person, thereby allows to pass in the quickest way.

Transition cards are often used for access control in most of the workplaces, which does not require high security due to the convenience. One thing is forgotten that the card access control systems are very convenient for security weaknesses due to situations such as copying, stealing and disappearing. In order to prevent these situations, Papilon allows people to use their biometric identity for access controls. Please note that your biometric data is unalterable, unforgettable and cannot be copied. BakGeç is a user friendly, , advantageous, thanks to the ability to work both online and offline ready for continuous use, sensitive to personal data, non touch ,hygiene and also so respectful of privacy, a child-friendly use, fast, open to continuous development access control system.

All you have to do is look at the camera and smile, that’s all!

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