In the crime scene investigations, the fingerprints of the suspect are first sought for the evidence, because the fingerprint is one of the most reliable biometric data with an accuracy of 99.9%.

Multi Biometric Turnstile Passing Systems which is established to control the entrance and exit of the places where is executed passing authorisationis due to security have capability to examine by fingerprint and iris in the open and closed areas where high security is needed.

  • In the system Papilon fingerprint scanner with a hundred percent accuracy is a multi biometric passing system.

  • Papilon Zirkon Iris Device with FAR and FRR rate with almost one hundred percent accuracy is a multi biometric system which has duplex safety control during passess.

Multimodal Biyometrik Turnike
Turnike İris Tanıma

It is a user friendly, advantageous, thanks to the ability to work both online and offline ready for continuous use, sensitive to personal data, non touch, hygiene and also so respectful of privacy, a child-friendly use, fast, open to continuous development access control system.
Providing continuity of working order in private and public enterprises, preventing time and labour loss, contributing to security, increasing efficiency, obtaining truth and exact information are the gains of the system.