In order to find evidence in the crime scene investigations, the fingerprints of the suspect are first sought, because the fingerprint is one of the most reliable biometric data with an accuracy of 99.9%.

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If the crime scene data is footprint, can the event be solved?

Thanks to Papilon’s new Footprint Scan devices, you can create your footprint data and find the right person by questioning the footprints on the crime scene.

With Papilon Footprint Scan Device;

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  • It records ten finger footprints.

  • It records the footprints of heel and sole of foot.

  • It obtains optimal trace quality regardless of whether it is too moist or dry.

  • It can clean the surface of the prism digitally.

  • It automatically detects the footprint printed on the surface of the prism.

  • It performs the sequence check of flat printing and single print footprints.

  • It receives high-quality traces that can be used in forensic cases.


  • It has the ability to query and match from footprints, heel and sole of foot.It has ergonomic design.

  • It is designed to withstand impact.

  • The process is made easier due to the fast trace receive.

  • It’s in accordance with the ‘’IAFIS Image Quality Specification’’ from FBI.

  • The scanning surface is wide to prevent any trace loss.