Ballistic Identification System

ARSENAL ABIS - Ballistic Identification System

ARSENAL ABIS is a versatile system that aims to help ballisticians to solve more crime.  It comprises comprehensive modules which realize firearm evidences’ identification.

The system comprises:

  • Alphanumeric Data Entry
  • Scanning
  • Image Encoding
  • Analysis & Visualization Tools
  • Database
ARSENAL ABIS is a software where identification of bullets or cartridge cases that are likely shot by the same gun is revealed.


The image is acquired whilst scanning the surface of bullets and cartridge cases. One of the main competitive advantages of ARSENAL ABIS is to scan surfaces on an individual basis (separately). The scanned images are then joint together – featuring the optimal image through multi-variate lighting and scanning depth preferences.  Also, there are algorithms that are particularly developed for capturing distinguishing specialties of surfaces. (I.e. firing-pin impressions)

Ground-breaking 3D scanning technology is now available! 
ARSENAL ABIS - Ballistic Identification System


Encoding of the images are done by the system itself majorly, if not always. ARSENAL ABIS extracts the significant marks for bullets such as:

  • Skid (primary) marks
  • Land impressions
  • Groove impressions

And it automatically extracts the characteristic marks on the cartridge case head as:

  • Firing pin impression
  • Breech face mark
ARSENAL ABIS - Ballistic Identification System

However, a ballistician nevertheless wants to code particular marks manually, in that case pre-defined outlines might be beneficial impeccably.


ARSENAL ABIS’ database is quite sophisticated yet simple at the same time. It holds multiple filters in order to expedite ballisticians work.

ARSENAL ABIS’ software can be used in both Linux and Windows OS.