Facilities Management

Facilities are Now Easy to Facilitate

Papilon introduces you the best of breed biometric access controlling system for numerous facilities to ensure the facilitation and security of several places.

Thanks to our innovative actions that we initiated, we are now able to guarantee ultimate reliance to facilities that require high level of security.

These facilities include hospitals, stadiums, banks, factories, airports, harbors, financial institutions, government buildings, campuses, datacenters, research laboratories, amusement centers, hazardous areas and others.

Papilon deploys a set of software and hardware systems by taking into consideration of the convenient mobility of individuals these facilities. Because convenience is the key factor when it comes to day-to-day and frequent usage. Therefore, building an access control system that is able to operate 7/24 securely yet systematically, requires a further ability to handle extensive amount of input.

Our systems offer facilities to converge their entire security systems with traditional physical access methods into one single mechanism.