Papilon’s Criminal Justice Management Pack yields pinpoint accuracy thanks to its software -APFIS- whose algorithm is specifically designed for investigating and solving major crime.

Today, more than ever, increasing rate of crime challenges law enforcement agencies and civilians cumulatively. Concerning this challenge, Papilon serves evolving security systems to help these organizations to better handle variations of crime.

Assisting law enforcement agencies in many years, Papilon foresees what obstacles an agency would face during a criminal investigation. To begin with, criminal investigations are quite challenging for officers, since in most of the scenarios the evidences tend to be chaotic and spoiled. One of the aim of Papilon’s products is to optimize the clarity of ambiguous evidences as overlapped fingerprints, dispersed footprints, and exfoliated marks primarily.

Our criminal justice solutions particularly appeal in-field criminal investigation operations to accelerate investigations throughout the chain of custody.

Operation 3W’s – Who, What, Where

  • Police Officers do criminal background checks and identity verifications in field biometric terminals as they have mobile APFIS.
  • Scenes of Crime Officers photograph and gather evidences and latent prints at the crime scene by using Papilon’s evidence-developing devices.
  • Forensic Experts analyze and identify the evidences for detecting, reproducing and photographing evidences by using Papilon’s criminal justice devices in forensic laboratories.
  • Police officers conduct the process of suspect enrollment & identification, criminal background checks at the police station.
  • Department supervisors forward latent prints or ten print cards into NIST standards to FBI, INTERPOL from central APFIS.

Papilon intertwines the best features of its criminal justice devices along with APFIS, and ultimately presenting the best combo in order to improve the security of citizens and communities by delivering methods that are safe, accurate and fast.

We develop devices that are able to operate with external systems, so that a flawless integration can be prospered.