Papilon helps governments manage countries borders

by controlling the flow of passenger transitions.

Because of the ease of travelling, the number of passenger transaction across nations’ borders have been scaling tremendously up in the past few years particularly. Governments and immigration agencies want to carry their border security level a step further, without sacrificing the volume of legitimate trade and mobility of people.

Our Border and Immigration Management Solutions enable governments and immigration agencies to act proactively in regards to the controlling of the arrival and departure processes of passengers. This controlling point could be at airports, harbors or land.

The security level therefore our commitment to ensure nations’ border security will remain the same.

By applying the cutting-edge technology, we developed four key steps to attain desired functionality combined with innovation and security.

Integrated Border Controlling

Papilon is crossing the line – literally – with ground breaking innovation in Border Security Control.

Border security controlling is performed by advancing the screening of passengers by conducting biometric queries against biometric databases (e.g. AFIS) and black lists through an individual’s derived biometric data. The system is configured along with the independent hardware that could be easily integrated to original system components.
Entire verification of an individual through integrated biometric verification systems can be done with the controlling of documents in seconds.

We put out remarkable time, effort and budget to our constant research and development activities in order to keep with the pace with arising new technologies in access control systems to further enhance the quality of application.

Immigration Management

As political balances have been altering from point to point, it is crucial to governments to manage the immigrant flows. Most of the immigration agencies face difficulties as each country’s immigration processes and documentation methods demonstrate an alteration due to policies and regulations, so they need customized systems fitted into systematical roadmaps.

From migrant or refugee point of view, it is their purest right to obtain a proper identification in the nation they have moved.

What we do to facilitate immigration management begin with Biometric Data Collection of refugees or immigrants. After that; these datas are transmitted into pre-defined databases to be stored.

Migrant Smuggling and Human Trafficking are prevented as much as possible due to Papilon’s Border and Immigration Solutions; because what we offer is to build a long-lasting and systematic structure for accurate and appropriate data storage. Therefore, any kind of tricks caused by chaos are withstood through the system we designed and built.