We manage millions of private data, thousands of work stations and dozens of automated border control gates with a single confidential asset of human being: Biometrics.

Biometrics are known as one of the most reliable identification systems in the world, and it keeps spreading in the context of identity governance which encompasses homeland security, law enforcement security, business transactions, personal privacy and commercial security.

Higher-level security institutions have started utilizing biometric-based systems and applications, since clients are able to deploy their current systems while easing the process.

Basic Understanding of Biometric Enrollment

  • Biometric Existence of an Individual
  • Capturing the Data
  • Extraction of Features
  • Creation of Templates
  • Processing and Storing the Data

Papilon assists enterprises and governments to build, apply, and carry out the maintenance of substantial amount of identity management initiatives by generating biometrical data of an individual, by means of running a fingerprint, scanning an iris or using facial recognition.

Our identity verification process initially begins with collecting data points which are derived from a person’s biometrics. Then, data points are united with their database constituents and by the time it registered to the assigned repository, the search begins simultaneously. After that, it is linked or stores as a new card within the repository.

Our Approach to Biometrics
Holistic Approach

Papilon’s mindset towards overall biometrics is distinguished from others in technological, environmental and ethical senses. Along the way of entire planning, production, implementation and maintenance phases, we deploy state-of-the-art technology while looking after to our environment, trying to give more than we take from nature, and most importantly, regarding human rights – we respect each individual’s privacy simply because nothing else matters when one’s overall well-being is on the table. In the light of these contexts, it is our claim that we aim to contribute, to you, to our society, to governments, to environment, to globe.

Three Significant Points in Biometrics

Customizability: Papilon’s security package enables institutions to achieve solid system integration to existing databases via external APFIS. Customization is the key word when it comes to projects that we take. We do not apply one-size-fits-all solution.

Scalability: Our fully scalable APFIS is able to be applied on a large scale usage, up to millions of people. The degree of scalability is quite dependant to the application method. (the applied biometric modality)

Integrability: As part of our integration process, we work with your company to integrate our technology to your requirements. Since security system integration is one of our main services to our clients, we take it seriously.

Eliminating the Possibility of Misidentification
We know it’s not you.

Papilon’s APFIS helps justice departments to rule out the innocents from investigations and reduce arrestments that cause by mistaken identity.
We help law enforcements and governments to conclude legal progresses since we demonstrate the evidences of both guilt and innocence.