Justice Public Safety

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ultimate safety

Having a steady and trusted background in justice and public safety, Papilon helps law enforcement agencies to essentially manage the whole process of verification of persons of interest through APFIS – a fully domestic production of palm and fingerprint identification system. Papilon generates accurate and accelerated results in order to enhance public safety and prevent any undesired occasions that field forces may encounter. It recognizably diminishes the number of repetitive crimes and further advances the efficiency of field operations.

Justice Public Safety

One of our main strength in industry is keeping pace with the altering high-tech applications in biometrics and upgrading and customizing system complements towards these alterations.

We are more than a system integrator or manufacturer, we help, assist and accompany our clients over the course of criminal investigation process, so that security collaboration that we build becomes everlasting.

The combination of biometric expertise and industrial field experience forwards through Papilon to a major position.

  • We use our own file management system (no sql) for database, with proprietary software, applications and servers.