Smart Transactions. Smart Decisions.

Biometrics in banking is rising as the demand for more secured financial transactions have been arising. Accessing special accounts with iris-enabled systems, logging in with fingerprint authentication or face recognition has been starting to take place in individuals’ daily life. Papilon’s identity intelligence solutions towards banks and financial markets appeal both organizations and customers, enabling people to better manage the financial movements. Combining digital identification with biometrics and banking generates safe and convenient environment to manage processes.

We create, implement and maintain customized authentication systems for banks and financial markets to operate mobile and/or immobile with fingerprint, iris, face, or multimodal biometrics.

Real time e-payments, digital biometric authentications, identity lifecycles are one of the key operations that generally frame our solutions.

Overcome identity frauds & thefts

The biggest security concern in banking industry is identity theft. Biometrics in banking minimizes and/or eliminates the possibility of stolen identification cards, misidentifications, and overall unauthorized transactions simply because the whole process initially requires biometric authentication to confirm.