Skeleton, Face and Motion Recognition System

3D Gesture Recognition Middleware

Nuitrack Middleware is the industry leading 3D gesture recognition middleware developed by 3DiVi Company that brings Natural User Interface (NUI) and 3D scanning capability to the new generation of smartphones, tablets, game consoles, Smart TVs, and virtual reality headsets.

About Nuitrack

How it works?

Nuitrack middleware processes data acquired from a depth and RGB sensors and consists of several modules to address different applications of Natural User Interface.


  • Nuitrack is sensor independent, it can support any depth sensor (structured light, ToF, stereo)
  • Proprietary algorithms ensure industry leading performance
  • Nuitrack is platform independent, can be ported to any operating system (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux), both for ARM and x86 architectures.

Application Areas

  • Body tracking and gesture recognition in Mobile Virtual Reality (Android, iOS)
  • Motion gaming (Android, iOS)
  • Touch emulation by gestures (Android)
  • Digital signage
  • Point of sale (PoS) analytics
  • Vision for robots.
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NuiTrack - Skeleton, Face and Motion Recognition System

NuiTrack Modules

Nuitrack Body

Nuitrack Face

Nuitrack Fusion