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Mobile Bag for Biometric Identity Search and Verification

Papilon M is a mobile bag which is especially designed for in-field applications of law enforcement agencies, police and/or military forces.

It functions as a stand-alone biometric terminal in a way, due to the ability of fingerprint and/or palmprint acquisition, search through APFIS and verification.

So it operates as

  • Enrolment/Registration Station
  • Stand-alone APFIS
  • Express ID Terminal

Users are able to

  • Create ten print records
  • Create a repository that is compiled from latent prints and ten prints
  • Process latent images directly from the surface that they have been lifted
  • Code latent print and ten prints
  • Tranfer the card to central APFIS
Papilon M - Mobile Bag for Biometric Identity Search and Verification
Papilon M can be fitted with tens of combinations with different biometric systems and devices, applications and other hardwares. (Laptop, Camera etc.)

Papilon M suppports the following communication channels

  • Local Area Network a.k.a LAN
  • Synchronised satellite channel
  • Cellular Communication of EDGE/GPRS/GSM

Papilon M Software is configured quite widely; as being able to operate on Linux OS, Windows OS, Papilon LS Software, Papilon APFIS Software, Papilon FILTER Software and RASTR software.