The ultimate in-field biometric terminal.

Papilon’s new in-the-field express id check system MT-01 provides express ID check solution for law enforcement units especially in the critical situations by a small single fingerprint scanner -even portable in a pocket-. This system is the Android tablet-extended version of the MT-07 product, which works with Android smartphones.

Components of the Product

  • Android v. 4.xx or 5.xx operating system tablet (v. 6.xx is not tested yet) with a 3G/4G SIM card attached,

  • A LS-01 single fingerprint scanner,

  • USB–>microUSB converter,

  • MT-07 express ID check software.


Usage Fields

  • Everywhere that an in-the-field express ID solution is needed by the law enforcement units.

Way of Work

  • Scan a single fingerprint of the person who is a subject of express ID check by Papilon’s portable-in-the-pocket single fingerprint scanner, and send the obtained biometrical data to APFIS database via 3G/4G network connection,

  • View the express ID check results which are acquired in mere seconds on your tablet’s screen.