The ultimate in-field biometric terminal.

These are stand-alone handheld biometric terminals and document readers, designed for law enforcement officers and security forces’ in-field identity checks. It provides instant verifications against local databases and remote AFIS.

Fingerprint Acquisition

  • Descriptive Data Entry, Ten print creation including Mugshots and SMT’s.
  • Transmission of cards to AFIS
  • Export of ten print cards

Identity Checks (less than 30 sec.)

  • Scanning of a person of interests’ plain finger prints against remote AFIS
  • Receives the associated data from AFIS (if exists)
  • Displays them on LCS Screen

Express-ID checks in Offline Mode

  • Instantaneous ID checks through MicroSD card
  • Local Database for Ten print cards up to 60.000

Document Reading

  • Reading of MRZ chips that are compatible with the ICAO Standards
  • Reading the embedded electronic data in chips (i.e. fingerprints)

DPP 6 and MT 07 are compliant with the international standards, including those defined by ANSI/NIST.