Fingerprint and Palmprint Scanner

What it Does

  • Guides through the entire process of both rolled and flat finger/palm print enrollment with LCD screen embodied to inner cover of the scanner.
  • Extreme image processing abilities
  • Error messages pops up if something is wrong during enrolment
  • The biometric data of the individual is concurrently displayed on the LS Station


  • Enabling operator to monitor the process of enrolment and creates further information on related person.
  • Associated desprictive data with the case can be entered at workstations while fingerprinting is continuing
  • Steady yet ergonomic design, ability to work in tough conditions
  • Compliant to the FBI’s IAFIS Image Quality Specification

Application Fields

  • Official Applications i.e. Migrant Enrolment, eID, etc.
  • Biometric Access Control Points
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Commercial Authentications