Fingerprint and Palmprint Scanner

What it Does

  • Enrolls tenprint cards as well as palms.
  • Operates with both rolled and flat fingerprints.
  • Acquires ridge details of a finger.
  • Yields the optimal finger and/or palm print quality, regardless of extremely moisturized or dry hands.
  • Self-sterilization of the prism surface.
  • Outstanding scanning time; less than 5 seconds for rolls and less than 3 seconds for slaps and palms.


  • Checks the sequence of the fingers
  • Prevents smearing of images during rolls
  • Detects finger or palm automatically
  • Compliant to FBI’s IAFIS Image Quality Specification
  • Wide-scanning area

Application Fields

  • Official Applications i.e. Migrant Enrolment, eID, etc.
  • Biometric Access Control Points
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Commercial Authentications i.e. Banking