Iris Identification System

ZIRKON-3e and ZIRKON-4 are compact units which encompass ZIRKON SDK. They can be easily integrated with existing access control points in busy areas, since the system itself does not require any contact.

ZIRKON-4 is the superior version of ZIRKON-3e; having modern look and extra features in it.


  • Gives voice commands for required positioning of the subject (e.g. approach closer)
  • The commands can be coded in any language.
  • Processing via one server can be done – as known as LAN.
  • The system is codified with PAPILON ZIRKON operating system.
ZIRKON - Iris Identification System

Both ZIRKON-3e and ZIRKON-4 can be positioned on top of an access control hardware, or directly hanged to a wall.

Iris recognition comes into prominence with is “almost zero” FAR and FRR rates, amongst other biometric modalities.