Criminal Evidence Analysing Set

ExpertLab is a forensic device that is designed for examining, reproducing and photographing criminal evidence. It eases forensic experts operations regarding the objects which are hard to work with.

Forensic evidences play vital role for criminal investigations, as they are lifted from surfaces which belongs to the crime scene. Therefore, these kind of evidences are hard work and should be analysed error-free and accurate.

It contains strategically positioned camera and lighting equipment to better investigate spoiled evidences from different angles.

These evidences might be:

  • Dispersed Footprints
  • Faint Impressions
  • Undeveloped latent fingers on objects
  • Traces of wiping


  • The main stand and the detachable lighters are adjustable with respect to the evidence’s dimensions
  • For fixing the objects, there are special holders
  • Special lighting options for three dimensional objects (e.g. shadow-free)

PAPILON ExpertLab can come with PAPILON TVC-9.1 USB camera with integrated IR filter, PAPILON RASTR software and trinocular microscope.

Standard Components:

  • Stand
  • Fill-in lighter with light-diffusing shades
  • Slit shade
  • Lamp
  • Spotlight
  • UV source
  • Translucent platform
  • Dark-field box with object-plate
  • Object holder
  • Bottle holder with accessories
  • Small object and ruler holder
  • Background (light/dark)
  • Set of scales
  • Laboratory stand with set of holders
  • IR emitter