Forged Money Identification System

PAPILON-BLIP is an Automated System for Examining Forged Banknotes and Documents by the method of “Yellow Tracking Dots”.

In order to prevent counterfeiting; a yellow dot which is not visible by bare eye is printed up the banknotes. By analysing the yellow dots can help forensic experts to overcome fraud by identifiying the device that the copy of banknote printed, so that the relationship is revealed amongst the printer and the manufacturer.

  • Image acquisition directly from scanners, digital cameras, graphics files and files created and stored in PAPILON RASTR databases.
  • Automatic visualization of the printer’s yellow tracking dots which cannot be seen by bare eye
  • Automatic extraction of the code pattern identifying the printer
BLIP - Forged Money Identification System
  • Side-by-side comparison of the images with matching code patterns to determine that two specimens were produced by the same printing device
  • Transmission of matching images to PAPILON RASTR for making an examination report
  • Export and import of data to other agencies