Face Composite Producing System

KLIM 3D Face Composition System offers police forces and law enforcement agencies to acquire a relistic representation of an image of the criminal that is seen by a witness. The system comprises modules which make the whole composition process easy and user-friendly.

The modification tools that the system provides are,

  • Anthropological transformation options by an ethnic group, gender, age
  • Face Charachteristics (Nose bridge, chin sharpness etc.)
  • Extensive Accessory repository (Beard, hat, sunglasses etc.)
KLIM3D - Face Composite Producing System

Birthmarks, wrinkles and scars can be added

Ready face composites including 3D and 2D images are stored in the PAPILON KLIM 3D database together with relevant descriptive text data. These datas along with the composites can be transmitted to PYUZ (Face Recognition System) for further investigations and possible identification of criminals.