Portable Video and Photographing System

Papilon’s new photographing system FK-3 provides capturing photos of individuals for identification and enables to store the captured photos in a digital environment by its embedded lighting system which provides powerful and balanced lighting for photo shooting. FK-3 provides A quality photo shooting with its compact and easy-to-use structure, and photo capturing sessions can be easily managed by a special software developed by Papilon.

Fields of Application

  • Personal enrollment for  computer-based storage and retrieval (any person alized record-keeping and facial recognition systems)

  • Two-pose identification photography and taking photos of an individual’s distinctive marks (SMT images) for law enforcement needs

  • Enrollment of employees at restricted-access enterprises (airports, nuclear plants, lifeline facilities, etc.)

  • Anywhere that require facial photographs of applicants,clients or employees.

In addition to these, FK-3 can be asily mounted on tripods and hangers, stands by threaded connector.

FK-3 - Portable Video and Photographing System