Finger and Palmprint Scanning Work Station

Papilon Finger and Palm Print Scanning Work Station (LS Work Station) offers finger print enrolment process as a compact solution. By this way, ten print creations are conducted within short amount of time.

The station encompasses

  • Papilon Live Scanner Software
  • Desktop or PC
  • Finger and/or Palm Print Scanner
  • Printer
  • Digital Camera
LS Work Station

After the prints are taken,

  • They can be sent to the central APFIS
  • They can be stored within LS database

The cards that are transferred to APFIS are sent into PAPILON or ANSI/NIST formats.

LS Work Station


  • Ability to find out if a person is recorded at Papilon APFIS, from one finger acquisition
  • Searching from a specific text
  • Extensive demographical data and SMT photo saving